Welcome to Reception

In September you're going to be joining our Reception class. It's called Inventors. Do you know what an Inventor is? It's someone who has lots of ideas and makes things. While you're in Inventors class we hope that you will become a great Inventor.
To the side of this writing you will see pictures of some people. These are the people who will be helping you to learn when you are in the Inventors class.

Beth will be your teacher and Kelly will be your teaching assistant. You might also have some other adults in your class some of the time! There are a lot of adults who can help you with your learning if you get stuck or are unsure of anything.

There are some other people who you will get to know in school too. You can find their pictures if you click on the button below. See if you can find me - I'm Miss Allan and I'm the Headteacher.

How do you feel about going into the Inventors Class?

Are you excited about going into a new class and having some lovely new teachers? Do you feel something else?

I have made you a countdown calendar (you can see a picture of it to the left of this writing). On the calendar there are lots of ideas for you to do each day to help you get ready to come to school. If you keep having a go at these things then I'm sure you'll settle into your new class really well. You can print out the document or you can pop into school to pick one up.

I know it's important for you to feel happy about coming to school and to help you with that, your teachers want to get to know you a little bit before you start. We've put together a booklet that you can download or come into school to collect. You can fill in the booklet and bring it to us on the 15th July, or you can take your time with it and bring it over the summer and bring it to us when you come on​ 3rd  September. It will help us get to know you much quicker. 

Videos of your teachers

Beth has filmed a short video for you to watch so that you are familiar with her face before you join the class! We're looking forward to having you in the Inventors class.
We know that your child starting in 'big school' can be quite an anxious time for you as well as your child. Often, as adults, we find the change harder than the children do. It might help you over the summer if you prepare your child in the following ways.
  • Talk to your child a lot. Talk about anything. Talking and listening are really important in preparation for starting in the Reception class.
  • Help your child develop some independence in dressing and undressing - in particular with putting their shoes, socks and coat on. 
  • It is often helpful to get your child to try on their school uniform and shoes during the holidays so it feels familiar when they come to starting day.
  • Do lots of mark making and reading with your child. If they can read and write their own name, that's a great start.
  • If your child isn't yet fully toilet trained, encourage them to have a go and develop their independence skills.  

If there is anything that you want to know about starting in the Reception class, drop us an email.  There is also a lot of information on our website and we use our X /Twitter feed too so you might want to follow us @aldgateschool