The Curriculum at The Aldgate School


We are proud of the curriculum at The Aldgate School. Children attain the highest standards academically but they also excel in music, the arts and sport. Take a look at our statement of curriculum intent or have a delve into this page and find information about the curriculum in your child's class.  If you have any questions about our curriculum, don't hesitate to get in touch via the office. 


All of our children are now in school full time and remote learning has ended. Where a child is absent and isolating but is well enough to continue with their learning, the Google classroom will be used to deliver the curriculum.

Teachers adjust the curriculum according to pupils’ interests and current events, so no topic is ever taught in the same way more than once. This focus on pupils’ interest helps pupils to concentrate for longer, work harder, think more clearly and put forward their own thoughts about what they are learning. Ofsted, 2013

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Assembly and Worship

We are a Church of England Primary school and our collective worship is Christian in character. We have eight distinctive Christian values which you can read all about on our website. Each week we also have a Service either in school or at St Botolph's Church. Each year we also celebrate Harvest, Christmas and Easter with celebrations performances and special events. 

Art and D&T are an important part of our curriculum. We took part in the London 2021 version of Inside Out and many of our school community had their images posted on Tower Bridge.

Beyond the Classroom

We're passionate about learning outside the classroom. Right from the start, children have access to a wide range of learning and educational activity outdoors. Keep an eye on the website and out Twitter / X feed to see what's happening this year...

Year 6 at the Argoed Lwyd Outdoor Education Centre Year 4 at Kench Hill in Kent


We regularly welcome visitors to perform for, share or work with our children. Children have enjoyed performances on the organ as well as other instruments such as bassoon, clarinet and trumpet. 


Year 5 visiting a countryside school in Nottinghamshire A pupil having a go on an organ.



We have a wide range of clubs on offer to enhance our children's learning and development. Some of them are targeted and others are free for anyone to join in with. From time to time we also offer sessions such as Mini Police and one off sessions after school and during lunchtimes, for example Poppy Making for Remembrance Day or Creating reflections during Prayer Spaces Week.
Breakfast club and Playcentre are also available daily

Our Gardening Clubs offer all sorts of interesting opportunities for our children.

What we learn at The Aldgate School

Curriculum grids and knowledge organisers give you an overview of the learning in your child's class each term. Each term you will be able to see an overview of what your child will be learning. You will also have the opportunity to meet with your child's class teacher to discuss how your child is progressing in their learning each term.


Most of our assessments are ongoing and formative. They help to inform the teacher what children have achieved and also what the next steps in a child's learning will be. Children take tests at the end of each term in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Results of these assessments are reported to parents and carers via our termly reports. 

Assessment: Children also take statutory assessments at the start of Reception, end of Year 1 and end of Year 6. Find out more here. 

Curriculum: Subject Overviews

Phonics and Reading

Reading underpins our whole curriculum. Without the ability to read, children's opportunities in life will be severely limited. Visit our page dedicated to phonics and reading here to find out how our children learn to read and develop a love of reading.


We have our Mental Calculation Policy and our Written Calculation policy available. Click on the policy for all the information. We follow a mastery approach to mathematics and use the Mathematics Mastery programme as our curriculum from the EYFS upwards.

Relationship and Sex Education

Please find details of our policy and approach here. We consulted with parents about the implementation of a contemporary, relevant and culturally sensitive RSE programme. This meant that the government's statutory RSE framework, implemented in 2020 only required the school to make the slightest of adjustments. Over the last 18 months we have shared information in newsletters, shared proposed policies for commenting, offered FAQ documents and parent information sessions in advance of implementing the statutory RSE framework. 
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Children begin to learn French in Year one and continue having weekly lessons with our specialist French teacher until the end of Year six. See below for an overview of what children learn.



For more information about our curriculum, please contact the school office.