Year 3

If you have any questions about the learning in class, please speak with your child's class teacher or contact the school office.

Autumn Term - 1st Half 

Y3 English - Sparky.pdf .pdf
Y3 English The First Drawing.pdf .pdf
Y3 History - Stone Age.pdf .pdf
Y3 Science Rocks and Soils.jpg .jpg
Y3 Science Forces and Magnets.jpg .jpg
Y3 Computing Networks.pdf .pdf
Y3 PSHE Respecting ourselves and others.pdf .pdf
Y3 French Knowledge Mat.pdf .pdf

Spring Term - 1st Half

Spring 1 HT Overview Y3 2024.pdf .pdf
English Black Dog KO Y3.pdf .pdf
RE The Bible KO Y3.pdf .pdf
Science Animals including humans KO Y3.pdf .pdf
Geography Modern Europe KO Y3.pdf .pdf
PSHE Belonging to a Community Y3.pdf .pdf
Y3 Computing E Safety.pdf .pdf
Gorsefield residential

Summer Term -1st Half

Year 3 half termly overview Summer 1.pdf .pdf
Y3 English - Cinderella of the Nile KO.pdf .pdf
Y3 Computing Video trailers KO.pdf .pdf
Y3 Science - Light Knowledge Organiser.pdf .pdf
Y3 PSHE Health and Wellbeing.pdf .pdf
Y3 French Summer 1 KO.pdf .pdf

Autumn Term - 2nd Half

Y3 English - As I Wandered.pdf .pdf
Y3 English - The First Drawing.pdf .pdf
Y3 Science - forces and magnets.pdf .pdf
Y3 RE - Advent.pdf .pdf
Y3 History - Remebrance.pdf .pdf
Y3 History - Bronze and Iron Age.pdf .pdf
Y3 PSHE - Families and friendships.pdf .pdf
Y3 Computing programming scratch KO.pdf .pdf

Spring Term - 2nd Half

Y3 HT Overview Spring 2 2024.pdf .pdf
Y3 English Wild KO.pdf .pdf
Y3 science plants KO.pdf .pdf
Y3 RE What happens in churches during Lent Holy Week and Easter KO.pdf .pdf
Y3 Geography British Isles KO.pdf .pdf
Y3 PSHE Living in the wider world .pdf .pdf
Y3 Computing Emailing KO.pdf .pdf

Summer Term - 2nd Half

Y3 RE People of the Old Testament KO.pdf .pdf
Y3 English Guess KO.pdf .pdf
Y3 English Flotsam KO .pdf .pdf
Y3 Maths Time KO.pdf .pdf
Y3 Maths Statisics KO.pdf .pdf
Y3 Maths Geometry KO.pdf .pdf
Y3 PSHE Keeping safe and risk.pdf .pdf
Y3 History Ancient Greece KO.pdf .pdf
Y3 Computing Comparison cards database KO.pdf .pdf
Y3 Computing Journey inside a computer KO.pdf .pdf